Summer Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid is available to eligible admitted Southeastern students enrolled in the summer semester.

To receive aid for the summer semester, please submit the 2021 Summer Aid Reqest form following the instructions for submitting documents. You will be notified via campus webmail of your Summer Aid Offer. 

Eligibility for Summer Financial Aid

Types of Summer Financial Aid

Summer Pell Grant

  • Pell grant eligible students may receive summer Pell provided lifetime Pell grant eligibility remains. Remaining eligibility level for Pell can be viewed online on the Federal Student Aid website using your FSA ID. View your Federal Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Units (LEU) on the Financial Aid Review page. 
  • Summer Pell Grant: The maximum time frame that students may receive a Federal Pell grant is the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters. One full-time semester of Pell equals 50%. 
  • Students with remaining Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Usage may be eligible for Summer Pell Grant by meeting one of the following criteria:
    • Students who did not enroll full-time for both fall and spring semesters may have remaining Pell Grant eligibility that can be used in the summer.
    • Students who enrolled full-time in the fall and spring semesters may be eligible to use an additional semester of Pell Grant eligibility in the summer. Please note that choosing to do so will count against your Pell Grant  Lifetime Eligibility Usage (12 full-time semesters).Students must be enrolled full-time for the summer semester (6 hours) to receive this option. 

Federal Direct Loans

  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits as an undergraduate; 5 as a graduate) to be eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans.
  • Students receiving Federal Direct Loans for the first time are required to complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note(MPN) at
  • Federal Direct Loans are offered for an entire academic year. If a student has received the maximum amount of their loans in the previous fall and spring semesters, they may not have loan eligibility remaining for the summer term.
  • However, when a student increases from a Freshman to Sophomore or a Sophomore to a Junior at the conclusion of the spring semester, they may be eligible for the new grade level's loan limit. In this scenario, the Office of Financial Aid will evaluate the student's loan eligibility after spring grades have posted.

Dropping, Canceling, or Failing Summer Classes

  • Dropping a course may cause an adjustment to a student's financial aid package. Awards are based on total summer credits enrolled and the duration of summer instruction. 
  • Canceling a course may result in a student being billed for a portion or all of their summer financial aid. If a student drops below 6 credit hours, their aid may be canceled. 
  • Failing summer courses due to non-attendance may result in a student being billed for a portion or all of their summer financial aid.

Summer Private Loans

  • Students needing additional financial assistance may consider a private student loan. Private loans allow students to borrow up to their total cost of education less any financial aid they have been awarded.
  • Learn more about private student loans here.